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Applied Numerical Algorithms Group

David Trebotich

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David Trebotich
Staff Scientist
Phone: +1 510 486 5984
Fax: +1 510 486 6900
1 Cyclotron Road
MS 50A-3123
Berkeley, CA 94720 us

David Trebotich is a staff scientist in the Applied Numerical Algorithms Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research involves end-to-end development of high resolution algorithms for complex flows in multiscale, multiphysics systems using adaptive, finite volume methods. In particular he has implemented this approach in the hpc suite of application codes known as Chombo-Crunch for solving flow and transport in arbitrarily complex geometries. Current applications of interest revolve around solution to flow and transport equations in complex media--geological (subsurface), engineered (battery electrodes, paper drying felt). Prior to the Berkeley lab, David was staff scientist at the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in the Center for Applied Scientific Computing from 2001 to 2009, and before that a post-doc at UC Berkeley after completing his Ph.D. there in 1998.


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Current Research

  • Exascale Computing Project subsurface application development (ECP)
  • High resolution simulation of pore scale reactive transport processes associated with carbon sequestration (EFRC-NCGC)
  • Dewetting/rewetting in paper manufacturing (AMO HPC4MFG with LLNL and Agenda 2020)
  • Battery manufacturing processes (AMO)
  • Robust embedded boundary methods for science applications
  • Adaptive multiscale, multiphysics, multimodel methods

Journal Articles

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Conference Papers

Andrey Ovsyannikov, Melissa Romanus, Brian Van Straalen, Gunther H. Weber, David Trebotich, "Scientific Workflows at DataWarp-Speed: Accelerated Data-Intensive Science using NERSC s Burst Buffer", Proceedings of the 1st Joint International Workshop on Parallel Data Storage & Data Intensive Scalable Computing Systems, IEEE Press, 2016, 1--6, doi: 10.1109/PDSW-DISCS.2016.005

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Book Chapters

Tim Kneafsey, David Trebotich, Terry Ligocki, "Direct Numerical Simulation of Flow Through Nanoscale Shale Pores in a Mesoscale Sample", Album of Porous Media, edited by E.F. Médici, A.D. Otero, (Springer Cham: April 14, 2023) Pages: 87 doi:

Sergi Molins, David Trebotich, "Pore-Scale Controls on Calcite Dissolution using Direct Numerical Simulations", Album of Porous Media, edited by E.F. Médici, A.D. Otero, (Springer Cham: April 14, 2023) Pages: 135 doi:

David Trebotich, Terry Ligocki, "High Resolution Simulation of Fluid Flow in Press Felts Used in Paper Manufacturing", Album of Porous Media, edited by E.F. Médici, A.D. Otero, (Springer Cham: April 14, 2023) Pages: 132 doi:

B. Van Straalen, D. Trebotich, A. Ovsyannikov and D.T. Graves, "Scalable Structured Adaptive Mesh Refinement with Complex Geometry", Exascale Scientific Applications: Programming Approaches for Scalability, Performance, and Portability, edited by Straatsma, T., Antypas, K., Williams, T., (Chapman and Hall/CRC: November 9, 2017)


P. Colella, D. T. Graves, T. J. Ligocki, G.H. Miller , D. Modiano, P.O. Schwartz, B. Van Straalen, J. Pillod, D. Trebotich, M. Barad, "EBChombo Software Package for Cartesian Grid, Embedded Boundary Applications", Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory Technical Report LBNL-6615E, January 9, 2015,

Brian Van Straalen, David Trebotich, Terry Ligocki, Daniel T. Graves, Phillip Colella, Michael Barad, "An Adaptive Cartesian Grid Embedded Boundary Method for the Incompressible Navier Stokes Equations in Complex Geometry", LBNL Report Number: LBNL-1003767, 2012, LBNL LBNL Report Numb,

We present a second-order accurate projection method to solve the
  incompressible Navier-Stokes equations on irregular domains in two
  and three dimensions.  We use a finite-volume discretization
  obtained from intersecting the irregular domain boundary with a
  Cartesian grid.  We address the small-cell stability problem
  associated with such methods by hybridizing a conservative
  discretization of the advective terms with a stable, nonconservative
  discretization at irregular control volumes, and redistributing the
  difference to nearby cells.  Our projection is based upon a
  finite-volume discretization of Poisson's equation.  We use a
  second-order, $L^\infty$-stable algorithm to advance in time.  Block
  structured local refinement is applied in space.  The resulting
  method is second-order accurate in $L^1$ for smooth problems.  We
  demonstrate the method on benchmark problems for flow past a
  cylinder in 2D and a sphere in 3D as well as flows in 3D geometries
  obtained from image data.


A Projection Method for Incompressible Viscous Flow on a Deformable Domain, Trebotich, D.P., 1998,


Massively-Parallel Simulations Verify Carbon Dioxide Sequestration Experiments, FY15 DOE ASCR Budget Request to Congress, May 1, 2014,