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Rotators Feb 20 4 PD Symp CRD

2024 CSA Postdoc Symposium Showcases Early Career Researchers

26 postdocs shared 10-minute presentations with an audience of peers, mentors, and coworkers in this day-long event.

Rotators Feb 20 3 ML TraumaticBrain

Machine Learning Opens New Doors in Traumatic Brain Injury Research

A new paper describes how an innovative ML approach can enhance the prognosis and understanding of traumatic brain injury.

Rotators Feb 7

Climate Scientists Consider Category 6 Hurricanes

Can the open-ended Category 5 communicate the risk of hurricane damage in a warming climate?

NeuroDataReHack 2022

A Decade of Success for NWB

As adoption of the Neurodata Without Borders standard grows, training and data sharing opportunities broaden

Trapped Ion Chamber Higher Res Rotator

Quantum Evolution

A leading expert in quantum computing, Bert de Jong discusses why quantum computing matters, where it is today, and the potential of this emerging technology to change science.


Quantum Insights Team

Quantum Insights: Innovating Data Representation, Analysis, and Visualization

April 16, 2024

Researchers from Berkeley Lab, San Francisco State University, and Case Western Reserve University recently published two papers representing significant strides in understanding and harnessing current quantum devices for data encoding, processing, and visualization.

David Brown snapshot

David Brown Honored with SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession

April 5, 2024

Berkeley Lab’s David Brown has been honored with a 2024 SIAM Prize for Distinguished Service to the Profession for his decades of commitment to enriching the computational science community. 

ChaoYang Image

AMCR’s Chao Yang Named 2024 SIAM Fellow

March 28, 2024

Berkeley Lab’s Chao Yang has been named a 2024 SIAM fellow for contributions to the development of novel algorithms and software for eigenvalue problems, as well as applications of algorithms and software to solve challenging scientific problems.

Screenshot 2024 03 12 at 3.44.04 PM

AI-based Approach Speeds Diagnosis of I/O Performance Bottlenecks in HPC

March 13, 2024

Data management researchers in Berkeley Lab's Scientific Data Division are using artificial intelligence methods to automatically diagnose I/O performance bottlenecks in HPC applications at the job level.

Screenshot 2024 03 08 at 4.01.16 PM

US-RSE Works to Bring Research Software Engineers into the Spotlight

March 11, 2024

To help support software engineers in academia and science, the U.S. Research Software Engineer Association has made it its mission to mount a community-driven effort focused on the increasingly important role of RSEs. Berkeley Lab is getting involved as well.


STRUDEL to Hold Hands-on Hackathon at Berkeley Lab on March 19

March 4, 2024

STRUDEL, an emerging open-source science project at Berkeley Lab, is hosting a webinar and a hackathon in March to introduce software teams to a new user experience/user interface design tool that addresses the challenges of creating usable scientific software and puts user engagement at the forefront.