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NeuroDataReHack 2022

A Decade of Success for NWB

As adoption of the Neurodata Without Borders standard grows, training and data sharing opportunities broaden

Rotator Ana Kupresanin portrait CRD crop

Ana Kupresanin to Lead Berkeley Lab's Scientific Data Division

Her appointment will be effective October 9, 2023. The announcement follows an extensive international search.

Rotator BRaVE Influenza Virus

Epidemiological Modeling in the Exascale Era

Berkeley Lab researchers will lead a three-year, $12 million effort to create a generalized exascale tool for epidemiological modeling

Rotator Reijo Keskitalo NASA Award

Data Processing Pipeline Transforms Planck Mission Discovery

Berkeley Lab’s Reijo Keskitalo Awarded NASA Exceptional Public Achievement Medal

Trapped Ion Chamber Higher Res Rotator

Quantum Evolution

A leading expert in quantum computing, Bert de Jong discusses why quantum computing matters, where it is today, and the potential of this emerging technology to change science.

Artistic rendering suggestive of a neural network

Improving Training for Scientific Machine Learning

Neural networks can be difficult to train and employ on large-scale science problems. That's why Berkeley Lab researchers are devising new training methods tailored to scientific machine learning.

WarpX visualization

WarpX Goes Exascale

The ECP-funded WarpX Project has spent the last six years creating a novel, highly parallel, and highly optimized single-source simulation code for modeling plasma-based particle colliders on cutting-edge exascale supercomputers.


NWB user days and developer days 2023

Engaging Neuroscience Community Remains Top of Mind for Neurodata Without Borders Team

September 25, 2023

As adoption of the NWB standard and ecosystem grow, training and data sharing opportunities for the neuroscience community broaden worldwide.

Ana Kupresanin square Thumbnail

Ana Kupresanin Tapped to Lead Berkeley Lab's Scientific Data Division

September 13, 2023

Ana Kupresanin has been selected to serve as the next division director for Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Scientific Data Division in the Computing Sciences Area. Her appointment will be effective October 9, 2023.

Influenza Virus   52636756737

Epidemiological Modeling in the Exascale Era

September 8, 2023

With funding from DOE’ss BRaVE initiative, the Berkeley Lab-led EMERGE project will expand the capabilities of ExaEpi, an exascale-ready epidemiological agent-based model to target six diseases.

Reijo Keskitalo 2

Data Processing Pipeline Transforms Planck Mission Discovery

September 7, 2023

Reijo Keskitalo, a member of SciData’s Computational Cosmology Center, was awarded NASA’s Exceptional Public Achievement Medal for “developing novel tools and approaches for maximizing NASA’s understanding of the universe from the Planck mission data.”

CSAsummerpostersession Aug8 2023 3654

SULI Program Helps Computing Sciences Area Summer Interns Break New Ground

August 31, 2023

The DOE SULI program is designed to encourage undergraduate students from two- and four-year colleges, post-baccalaureates, and graduate students to pursue STEM careers by providing research internships at DOE national laboratories.

DebFest Group picture

“Debfest,” Celebrating Deb Agarwal’s Contributions to Science and Berkeley Lab Culture

July 17, 2023

On Friday, July 7, former Scientific Data Division Director Deb Agarwal’s family, friends, and colleagues gathered at UC Berkeley’s Faculty Club to celebrate her 29-year career and contributions to Berkeley Lab Computing Sciences area—an event jokingly dubbed “Debfest.”