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Applied Numerical Algorithms Group

Dan Martin

Dan Martin
Group Leader
Staff Scientist
Phone: +1 510 495 2852
Fax: +1 510 486 6900

Dan Martin is a computational scientist and group leader for the Applied Numerical Algorithms Group at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory. His research involves the development of algorithms and software for solving systems of PDEs using adaptive mesh refinement (AMR) finite volume schemes, high (4th)-order finite volume schemes for conservation laws on mapped meshes, and Chombo development and support.

Current applications of interest are developing the BISICLES AMR ice sheet model as a part of the SCIDAC-funded ProSPect application partnership, and some development work related to the COGENT gyrokinetic modeling code, which is being developed in partnership with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory as a part of the Edge Simulation Laboratory (ESL) collaboration. Dan joined ANAG and LBL as a post-doc in 1998. He has published in a broad range of application areas including projection methods for incompressible flow, adaptive methods for MHD, phase-field dynamics in materials, and Ice sheet modeling.

He is the Level 3 Lead for the  Applications Development Earth and Space Science Portfolio in the DOE ASCR Exascale Computing Project (ECP).

Dan is also the LBL practicum coordinator for the DOE´s Computational Science Graduate Fellowship program.

Journal Articles

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The Antarctic Ice Sheet (AIS) remains the largest uncertainty in projections of future sea level rise. A likely climate‐driven vulnerability of the AIS is thinning of floating ice shelves resulting from surface‐melt‐driven hydrofracture or incursion of relatively warm water into subshelf ocean cavities. The resulting melting, weakening, and potential ice‐shelf collapse reduces shelf buttressing effects. Upstream ice flow accelerates, causing thinning, grounding‐line retreat, and potential ice sheet collapse. While high‐resolution projections have been performed for localized Antarctic regions, full‐continent simulations have typically been limited to low‐resolution models. Here we quantify the vulnerability of the entire present‐day AIS to regional ice‐shelf collapse on millennial timescales treating relevant ice flow dynamics at the necessary ∼1km resolution. Collapse of any of the ice shelves dynamically connected to the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) is sufficient to trigger ice sheet collapse in marine‐grounded portions of the WAIS. Vulnerability elsewhere appears limited to localized responses.

Plain Language Summary:

The biggest uncertainty in near‐future sea level rise (SLR) comes from the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Antarctic ice flows in relatively fast‐moving ice streams. At the ocean, ice flows into enormous floating ice shelves which push back on their feeder ice streams, buttressing them and slowing their flow. Melting and loss of ice shelves due to climate changes can result in faster‐flowing, thinning and retreating ice leading to accelerated rates of global sea level rise.To learn where Antarctica is vulnerable to ice‐shelf loss, we divided it into 14 sectors, applied extreme melting to each sector's floating ice shelves in turn, then ran our ice flow model 1000 years into the future for each case. We found three levels of vulnerability. The greatest vulnerability came from attacking any of the three ice shelves connected to West Antarctica, where much of the ice sits on bedrock lying below sea level. Those dramatic responses contributed around 2m of sea level rise. The second level came from four other sectors, each with a contribution between 0.5‐1m. The remaining sectors produced little to no contribution. We examined combinations of sectors, determining that sectors behave independently of each other for at least a century.

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Conference Papers

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  • Download File: 7.pdf (pdf: 799 KB)

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