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Applied Numerical Algorithms Group

Chris Bozhart (Gebhart)

Chris Bozhart
Computer Systems Engineer
Phone: 209-541-6099

Christopher Lee Gebhart (now Christopher Lee Ulysses Bozhart since he got married in 2020) received his BS, MS, and PhD in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California at Berkeley. He has explored the field of high performance computing from a variety of angles since 2013, including high accuracy spectral methods, adaptive mesh refinement for rectilinear grids, and mapped multiblock methods. He has been working at LBL since 2015 when he began his PhD under Phil Colella. A large part of his PhD work was synonymous with the development – along with Brian Van Straalen, Phil Colella, and Dan Graves – of Proto: a domain specific programming language embedded in C++ which aims to provide high performance, a modern API, and agile targeting of emerging backend technologies such as GPU accelerators. His current areas of active work focus on further development of Proto through utilization of emerging technologies such as novel hardware architectures, neural networks, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.