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Applied Numerical Algorithms Group


Adaptive, Scalable Scientific Computing with Chombo

Chombo is the overall software framework ANAG uses to develop of numerical methods for scientific and engineering problems. Chombo provides a set of tools for:

  • Finite difference and finite volume discretization on block-structured adaptively-refined grids
  • Hyperbolic, Elliptic, Parabolic partial differential equations, including constraints
  • Embedded boundary and mapped multiblock methods for the representation of complex geometries
  • Particle and particle-mesh algorithms within the AMR framework
  • Higher-order methods in time and space

New capabilities required by specific applications are supported by project funds for that application. Cross-cutting development of new capabilities in Chombo is supported by the FASTMath SciDAC Institute. Most parallel platforms are supported, and cross-platform self-describing file formats are included.

 More information and downloads are available on the Chombo website.

Chombo leverages VisIt

VisIt is the visualization and analysis tool of choice to Chombo (AMR) HDF5 datasets. Chombo users are strongly encouraged to download, install, and use VisIt. Development of VisIt for Chombo AMR datasets is ongoing and future releases of VisIt should provide additional functionality for Chombo AMR datasets.

The development of VisIt for Chombo datasets was initially done by VACET (Visualization and Analytics Center for Enabling Technologies) and is continuing to be done by SDAV (Scalable Data Management, Analysis, and Visualization) under the SciDAC program.