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Usable Data Systems Group

Rajshree Deshmukh

Rajshree Deshmukh
Computational Systems Engineer
Scientific Data Division

Rajshree Deshmukh is an Information & User Experience Designer in the Usable Data Systems group in the Scientific Data Division. Her expertise centers on creating intuitive and engaging digital experiences for complex and data-rich products. 

She works closely with product teams, users and other stakeholders, to facilitate a holistic understanding of requirements and then translate them into user-centric and achievable plans and designs for a better product. She currently contributing to NERSC, STRUDEL and Orphaned Wells project.

Rajshree has more than 6 years of industry experience working at Reuters, IBM and Nutanix. She has received her Master's in Information Design from National Institute of Design, India and Bachelors' in Computer Science from BITS Goa.