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Gonzalo Rodrigo Alvarez

Gonzalo P Rodrigo Alvarez
Affiliate resesarcher

Gonzalo P. Rodrigo Álvarez is a researcher affiliated to the Data Science and Technology department. He currently works in distributed systems and cluster scheduling problems at Apple and occasionally supports the "Science Search" project.

Previously, he worked fulltime as a postdoctoral researcher in the project “Science Search: Automated MetaData Using Machine Learning”. The project intends to create new methodologies to identify the purpose and field of large scientific datasets by analyzing the metadata that surround them. In that context, Gonzalo did system work and investigated the use machine and deep learning to produce such metadata.

Gonzalo did his PhD in computing sciences at the Distributed Systems group in Umeå University. His supervisors were Lavanya Ramakrishnan (LBNL) and Erik Elmorth (UmU). During his thesis, he studied HPC scheduling problems with a focus on workflows.