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Computational Cosmology Center


Public CMB data sets are kept spinning at NERSC for use by the CMB community. To access these you will need a NERSC account. If you do not already have one

  1. Open the NERSC new account request form
  2. Select account type "Standard" and ignore the message to prospective PIs.
  3. Complete your personal details.
  4. For PI and repository name enter "Julian Borrill : mp107 - Cosmic Microwave Background Data Analysis For Post-Planck Experiments" (typing the first few characters will give you a drop-down menu to select from).
  5. Initial the Computer Use Agreement Form and submit your request.

If you need more help, please refer to the full instructions for requesting access to an existing NERSC account.

Within a few days you will receive an email from NERSC with instructions on activating your account.

All of the public CMB data are stored on the global project disk, accessible from any NERSC machine at


The planck2013 directory contains the maps from the first Planck public release (pr1), together with the simulation set used in their analysis (ffp6).

  • The pr1 maps are the ones available through the Planck Legacy Archive and are described in detail there.
  • The ffp6 fiducial maps (fiducial) include the baseline simulation of CMB, foregrounds and noise, with products - and filenames - corresponding to each of the dr1 maps.
  • The ffp6 Monte Carlo CMB (mc_cmb) and noise (mc_noise) simulation sets include 1000 realizations of all nominal mission, full channel, temperature-only maps, organized by channel (030 – 857). Detector subset, half-ring, and survey maps may be made available if there is sufficient demand. Note that due to their different production pipelines, the CMB MC maps are ring-ordered in uKCMB while the noise MC maps are nest-ordered in KCMB.

The planck2015 directory contains the maps from the second Planck public release (PR2), together with the Full Focal Plane (FFP) simulation sets used in their analysis.

  • The PR2 maps are the same ones available through the Planck Legacy Archive and are described in detail there.
  • The FFP maps are primarily provided through NERSC, although a subset will be made available through the archive too. They are described in detail in the 2015 Planck simulations paper.
  • The FFP8 fiducial maps include the CMB based on the Planck 2013 cosmology, foregrounds and noise, both with and without the bandpass mismatch; the FFP8.1 fiducial maps have the same foregrounds and noise but are updated with the CMB based the Planck 2015 cosmology.
  • The complete FFP8/8.1 Monte Carlo simulation sets comprise over 1,000,000 maps. We are currently providing only the first 1,000 channel/mission/full maps of each type (FFP8 CMB and noise, FFP8.1 CMB); others will be made available on request once the NERSC move has completed and additional disk space is available.
  • All of the FFP maps are in K_CMB and use the FFP naming scheme, viz
    • the FFP index is either ffp8 or ffp8.1
    • the component is either noise, cmb_{scalar, tensor or non-Gaussian complement}, or total (noise + all CMB components + foregrounds)
    • the total maps are either with (bpm) or without (nobpm) bandpass mismatch; this modifier is absent for CMB and noise maps.
    • the detectors are listed only when subset at that frequency are mapped
    • the intervals are the full mission (full), the half-missions (hm1-2}, the years (y1-4), or the surveys (s1-8).

Other datasets of interest will be located in their respective directories; currently, this covers WMAP-9 and SPT 2013.

If you have any problems completing the account request, or would like to see other datasets added to the collection, please contact me.