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Computational Cosmology Center

CMB Data Analysis At NERSC

NERSC provides access to world-class high performance computing facilities through allocations of cycles and storage known as repositories. For the last 20 years the CMB community has shared a common repository for its data analysis work. To sign-up for an account in this repository use the link below right (PI Borrill, repo mp107); please include the experiment(s) you are part of and your supervisor (if appropriate) in the comment field.

For the 2021 allocation year we have been awarded 80M NERSC-hours, to be shared by about 300 CMB data analysts from 13 experiments. Each user in a repository is given access to a fraction of the total allocation. If you exhaust your allowance please contact me about increasing your limit. If you are a member of multiple repositories please be careful to charge each of your jobs to the appropriate one.

Each experiment also has a UNIX filegroup defined for it to allow files to be shared between members of that collaboration.

  • Active filegroups: act, bicep, class, cmb, cmbhd, cmbs4, gbird, hscxpb, litebird, lspe, planck, pico, polar, qubic, quijote, sobs, spo, spt
  • Inactive filegroups: acbar, archeops, b2planck, beast, boom, capmap, cbi, cofe, core, ebex, epic, maxima, maxipol, quad, quiet, tophat

If you are not in a filegroup that you should be in please contact me.

Several experiments also have their own mission-specific project account (with access restricted to the appropriate members), including dedicated project space on the NERSC project filesytem and an associated "pseudo-user" to own the data there.

Key public CMB data - including the Planck Public Release (PR) and Full Focal Plane (FFP) simulation data - are kept spinning on the NERSC project filesystem for general community use.

A range of massively parallel CMB simulation and analysis tools (including TOAST and several experiment-specific extensions) are available here.

When publishing research that has used these resources please acknowledge NERSC support and send the publication details to me so that I can include them in our annual reports.

CMB Experiments Currently Using NERSC

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