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Computational Cosmology Center

Shamik Ghosh

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Shamik Ghosh
Postdoctoral Researcher
Physics Division
Office: 50B-4206C

Shamik Ghosh is a postdoctoral researcher at Berkeley Lab’s Physics Division, working with Jacques Delabrouille. His primary research interest is analysis of data from cosmic microwave background (CMB) observations. He works on several aspects of CMB data analysis, specifically, simulating the microwave sky, separating different emission components in CMB data, mitigating systematics, computing statistics, and inferring model parameters from component-separated data products.

Shamik completed his Ph.D. in 2019 from Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. working on estimating and modeling the CMB dipole modulation anomaly. During his first postdoctoral research position, he developed the data analysis pipeline for AliCPT. Currently, Shamik is actively involved in the CMB-S4 experiment.

More details about his work can be found on his personal website: