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Computational Cosmology Center

C³ Research

Members of C³ conduct research in a number of areas where high performance computing is needed to support theoretical and observational cosmology, or where massively parallel cosmology codes can help to drive computational science research and development.

These include:

Cosmic Microwave Background

The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) provides the earliest possible image of the Universe, as it was only 370,000 years after the Big Bang. Read More »


Supernovae are interesting stellar explosions. Part of our research includes analysis of supernova data with numerical radiative transfer tools. Two codes we use for direct empirical analysis of supernova spectra are SYN++ and SYNAPPS. Read More »

SciDAC-3: Computation Driven Discovery for the Dark Universe

Members of C3 as well as CCSE are studying the Lyman-alpha forest using the massively parallel AMR N-body hydrodynamics code Nyx as part of the SciDAC-3 project titled "Computation-Driven Discovery for the Dark Universe." The Cosmic Frontier presents a broad array of fundamental discovery opportunities related to dark energy, dark matter, the masses of neutrinos and their hierarchy, and unique probes of inflation and the early Universe.  Large-scale surveys of the sky are collecting massive… Read More »


MADbench2 is a tool for testing the integrated performance of the I/O, communication and calculation subsystems of massively parallel architectures under the stresses of a real scientific application. Read More »