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Computer Architecture Group

Weilong Cui

Weilong Cui
Ph.D. Student and Researcher
Computer Architecture Lab, Department of Computer Science
University of California, Santa Barbara
5120A HFH
UC Santa Barbara, California 93106 us

Biographical Sketch

I am currently a PhD candidate working with Prof. Tim Sherwood in the Department of Computer Science at UCSB. I am expecting to graduate in July 2019 and am looking for faculty positions in CS, EE or CE.

Research Interests

My research is in the area of computer architecture, more specifically in architecture modeling and analysis. My work has broadly connected architecture modeling with analytic/statistical/formal reasoning, economical thinking and programming language techniques. By connecting risk assessment with performance of a multicore processor design via analytic modeling, my research effort has lead to original contribution to the field (Micro 2017) and has been recognized as a top pick from top architecture conferences (Top Picks 2017). This work has also sparked tight collaborations with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs, with whom I am investigating risk quantification in detailed simulations (In Preparation). Another part of my research which formalizes and solves problems in analytic architecture modeling with programming language techniques has also lead to original contribution (ISCA 2018) as well as an open-source domain-specific language and toolset (Charm).