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Catching Turbulence in the Solar Wind

December 16, 2013

With help from Berkeley Lab's computational scientists and visualization experts, astrophysicists can now study turbulence in unprecedented detail, and the results may hold clues about some of the processes that lead to destructive space weather events. Read More »


Collaboration Shines in Materials Project Success

December 12, 2013

At Berkeley Lab, Computing Sciences’ world-class talent and resources have combined to help grow the Materials Project into a "world-changing idea," as it was proclaimed by Scientific American's December 2013 issue. Read More »


Lab Hosts Scientific Computing Day

December 11, 2013

On December 11, Berkeley Lab hosted Bay Area Scientific Computing Day (BASCD)—an annual one-day meeting to foster interactions and collaborations between researchers in the fields of scientific computing, computational science and engineering from the San Francisco Bay Area. Read More »


Big Data Hits Beamline

November 26, 2013

When scientists from around the world visit Dula Parkinson’s microtomography beamline at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory’s Advanced Light Source, they all want the same thing: scientifically illuminating X-ray views of matter. Unfortunately, many of them have left with debilitating data overload. Department of Energy scientists like Parkinson are collaborating with computational scientists and mathematicians on data-handling and analysis tools. Read More »


Berkeley Lab Hosts 5 Emerging Leaders During TechWomen 2013

November 26, 2013

TechWomen 2013 brought 76 women from 16 Middle Eastern and African countries to the U.S. in October for a five-week professional mentoring program. TechWomen is an international exchange designed to empower, connect and support women professionals in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). This is the third year the Lab has been represented in the program. Read More »


Machine Learning Workshop

November 8, 2013

As part of the Computational Research Division’s strategic emphasis on increasing the role of computation in all aspects of scientific discovery, CRD staff organized a one-day workshop on Machine Learning for Science. The meeting was held Nov. 4 at Berkeley Lab. Read More »


Scientists See Better Climate Models, Warmer Future

September 27, 2013

Computational Researcher Michael Wehner was lead author on the newly released IPCC report’s chapter on long-term climate change projections. Among the conclusions were: most continents will continue to warm. Rain and snowfall patterns will continue to shift worldwide. Read More »


Applying the Magic of Mathematics to Solve Problems Using Supercomputers

September 13, 2013

As part of DOE's focus on supercomputing in September, CRD Director and applied mathematician David Brown answers five questions on how math makes supercomputers even more powerful tools for scientific discovery. Read More »


Berkeley Researcher Applies Graph Theory to Biofuels Research

September 4, 2013

With support from a DOE Early Career Award, Berkeley Lab Computational Researcher Aydın Buluç will develop faster and more energy-efficient data-mining algorithms in the quest for new biofuels. Read More »


OpenMSI: A Science Gateway to Sort Through Bio-Imaging’s Big Datasets

August 30, 2013

Mass spectrometry imaging technology is already helping doctors to better diagnose diseases, and leading to the creation of energy efficient and renewable biofuels. But researchers envision these areas of science progressing much faster—if only they had a standard set of computational tools to easily process, analyze and share these massive datasets. Now, they do—it’s called OpenMSI. Read More »