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Applied Mathematics Software

Linear Algebra

  • BLZPACK  – Implementation of a block Lanczos algorithm for the solution of the standard eigenvalue problem Ax=µx or the generalized eigenvalue problem Ax=µBx.
  • PDSLin – Parallel domain-decomposition Schur-complement linear solver
  • stetester – Software and collection of matrices for testing bidiagonal singular value decomposition (SVD) routines and tridiagonal eigensolvers.
  • STRUMPACK – STRUcture Matrices PACKage for computations with sparse and dense structured matrices
  • SuperLU – Sparse direct linear solver.
  • symPACK – symmetric PACKage - Sparse direct linear solver for symmetric matrices

Geometric Tools

  • DistMesh: High-Quality Unstructured Mesh Generation for Implicit Geometries
  • Voro++: A three-dimensional Voronoi Library in C++

Scientific Simulation

  • AMReX – Software framework for massively parallel, block-structured adaptive mesh (AMR) applications including particles and embedded boundaries.
  • Chombo – Software framework for building AMR applications. This release includes EBAMRCNS (an Embedded Boundary Compressible Navier-Stokes solver) and EBAMRGodunov (and Embedded Boundary Godunov solver).
  • See also: Castro, MAESTRO, and Nyx on the Computational Science software page.

Arithmetic Precision and Tools

  • ARPREC – Arbitrary-precision arithmetic package
  • HPCPorts – Source-based package manager the goal of which is to build complete software stacks with a consistent compiler toolchain.
  • QD – Double-double and quad-double precision package
  • GMPFRXX: Integrated C++ implementation of the GNU MP and MPFR Multiple-Precision LIbraries