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Scientific Data Division

The Scientific Data Division (SciData) transforms data-driven discovery and understanding through the development and application of novel data science methods, technologies, and infrastructures with scientific partners.

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About SciData

The Scientific Data Division fosters breakthrough discoveries through the application and development of novel data science methods, technologies, and infrastructures in partnership with science domain experts. Read More »

Machine Learning and Analytics

The Machine Learning & Analytics Group conceives, designs, and implements new methods in high-performance machine learning, data and image analytics, computational geometry and topology, and visualization technologies. Our work involves a mix of theoretical research and applied research. The group works in close collaboration with scientific partners to identify and address challenging, large-scale, data-rich problems emerging from simulations, experiments, and observations. Read More »

Usable Data Systems

The Usable Data Systems (UDS) group* performs research and development on software and methodology for improving the usability, quality, and security of scientific computing. The group is a mix of software engineers and computer scientists. We work with earth scientists, material scientists, chemists, process engineers, and physicists, as well as the NERSC and ESNet facilities. Read More »

Scientific Data Management

The Scientific Data Management (SDM) group develops technologies and tools for efficient data access and storage management of massive scientific data sets. We are currently developing storage resource management tools, data querying technologies, in situ feature extraction algorithms, along with software platforms for exascale data. The group also works closely with application scientists to address their data processing challenges. These tools and application development activities are backed by active research efforts on novel algorithms for emerging hardware platforms. Read More »

Integrated Data Systems

The User-Centered Systems Group is focused on usability aspects of computational and data analysis systems. UCS researchers are involved in three primary research and development mission areas: 1) User-centered design processes that work in scientific environments; 2) Usable scientific workflow tools and data abstractions, and; 3) Intuitive interfaces to explore, analyze, process data and run computations on HPC and distributed systems. Read More »

Sustainable Software Engineering

By constantly improving the practices and knowledge around sustainable software, the Sustainable Software Engineering Group aims to create a broad and supportive community of researchers and engineers performing state-of-the-art software development for all aspects of publicly funded science. Read More »

Computational Biosciences

The Computational Biology Group is a collaboration between Berkeley Lab's Computational Research Division and the Biosciences Area. Our goals are to develop tools and frameworks to meet the analysis challenges posed by present and future biological research that addresses our nation's energy and health needs. Read More »

Physics and X-Ray Science Computing Group

Physics and X-Ray Science researchers design, develop and deploy data analysis and exploration methods at scale to satisfy the computing needs of mission-critical experimental collaborations. Read More »

Computational Cosmology Center

C3 is a focused collaboration of astrophysicists and computational scientists whose goals are to develop the tools, techniques and technologies to meet the analysis challenges posed by present and future cosmological data sets. Read More »