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Physics & X-Ray Science Computing

SPOT Suite Transforms Beamline Science

SPOT Suite is a set of tools for reducing, managing, analyzing and visualizing beamline data that is transforming the way scientists run experiments at synchrotron light sources.

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Tne Exa.TrkX project

Exa.TrkX (, a DOE CompHEP project and a collaboration of data scientists and computational physicists from the ATLAS, CMS, and DUNE experiments, is developing Graph Neural Network mo…


Photon Speedway Puts Big Data In the Fast Lane

As a solution to emerging challenges in massive data analysis. light sources and supercomputing facilities are linking up via a “photon science speedway.”


Big Data Hits the Beamline

Big data management, analysis and simulation are driving users to new levels of high-performance computing at the ALS, the APS and three other DOE Office of Science light sources. Researchers are appr…

Physics and X-Ray Science researchers design, develop and deploy data analysis and exploration methods at scale to satisfy the computing needs of mission-critical experimental collaborations. Our activities include:

  • Data models, application frameworks, and distributed schedulers to run real-life experimental physics applications at scale on advanced and emerging architectures.
  • Advanced pattern recognition methods for noisy experimental data.
  • Innovative scientific data analysis methods, tools, and environments.
  • Design, development, deployment, and production operation of robust, secure scientific cyberinfrastructure.

Group leader: Paolo Calafiura