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Computational Biosciences
bouchard neuron

Full-scale biophysical simulation of cortical column activity

Point of contact: Kristofer Bouchard

Next generation AI methods for Cryo EM tomography

Next-generation AI methods for Cryo-EM tomography

Point of Contact: Talita Perciano

exp data ecosystem

Experimental data ecosystem for neurophysiology

Point-of-Contact: Oliver Rübel

Dynamics for Biofuel Production

Predicting dynamics for biofuel production via ML

Point of Contact: Hector Garcia-Martin

Tritt reproducible AI pipelines

Reproducible AI pipelines for microbiome data

Point of Contact: Andrew Tritt


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Innovate data analytics, data management, and statistical machine learning methods for experimental data and mechanistic models towards addressing our nation's energy, environment, and health needs

Group lead: Kristofer Bouchard.

Novel computational methods bio applications