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Mathematics Group



The Berkeley Lab Mathematics Group and the Department of Mathematics at University of California, Berkeley host a joint Applied Mathematics seminar weekly in Evans Hall on the UCB campus. For details on upcoming seminars, please visit the Applied Mathematics Seminar page. See also the UCB Math Department seminars page. Read More »

Prizes, Awards, and Honors

A list of notable awards for the Math Group, limited to current members. International Science & Engineering Visualization Challenge, Science and NSF, Honorable Mention: R. Saye and J.A. Sethian, 2014 Bernard Friedman Memorial Prize: R. Saye, 2013 National Academy of Sciences: J.A. Sethian, 2013 American Mathematical Society Fellow:  J.A. Sethian, 2012 Einstein Fellowship Prize, Berlin Einstein Stiftung:  J.A. Sethian, 2011 and 2012 Invited Plenary Addresses: "The Voronoi Implicit… Read More »

Selected Notable Lectures and Presentations

DOE Industry-National Laboratory Workshop, Austin: J.A. Sethian, 2012 Plenary Lecture, Waves in Fluids III, IMPA, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil: Wilkening, 2012 Pollak Prize Lecture, Technion, Israel: J.A. Sethian, 2011 Richard von Mises Lecture, 200th Anniversary Celebration of Humboldt University, Berlin: J.A. Sethian, 2010 Invited Lecture, Symposium on Complex Fluids Flow, Minnesota: G.I. Barenblatt, 2009 Invited Address, Joint Meeting, AMS-MAA, Washington: J.A. Sethian, 2009 Plenary Opening… Read More »

Former Students and Fellows

 David Adalsteinsson (Chapel Hill) U. Adiga (GE) J. Akao (Mathworks)  C. Anderson (UCLA)Alex ArenasEthan AtkinsS. Baden (UCSD)Grigory BarenblattJohn Barber (Los Alamos) P. Bernard (Maryland) C. Borgers (Tufts) Yuri Burlakov (City Bank) T. Buttke (Wall Street) M. Callahan (Harvard) Chris Cameron (Wall Street) Maria Cameron (Courant) C.C. Chang (Taiwan Nat. Univ) A. Cheer (UC Davis) Alina Chertock (NC State) Elizabeth ChesterAllen ChenDavid Chopp (Northwestern) P. Colella… Read More »


Some helpful links. More information about Level Set Methods and James A. Sethian's research. UC Berkeley Math Department Applied Mathematics Seminars American Mathematical… Read More »