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Computer Science Department

The Computer Science Department performs research on Computer Architectures, Computer Languages, Systems Software, Performance and Algorithms.

 Department Head: John Shalf

Computer Architecture Group (CAG)

The Computer Architecture Group is focused on delivering continued increases in performance to all scientific application areas through the development, programming, and utilization of advanced computing architectures. These architectures may be deployed anywhere within a scientific workflow - spanning from within a HPC data center to edge computing devices deployed remotely in the field. In addition, we seek to bring HPC tools and techniques to new application areas ranging from biosciences to transportation models.

(Acting) Group Leader: John Shalf Read More »

Computer Languages & Systems Software (CLaSS) Group

The CLaSS Group mission is to research, design, and implement new models, features and optimizations of parallel programming languages and their execution environments for leading-edge High Performance Computing (HPC) systems. Research topics include but are not limited to design, implementation and optimization of parallel programming languages, compilers, operating systems, and advanced communication and run-time libraries. This builds on the group’s long history of leadership in this area with the development of the GASNet communication library, UPC programming language, UPC++ library, data-centric programming models, Operating Systems / Runtimes, and the software stack for quantum computers. Read More »

Performance and Algorithms Research (PAR)

The Performance and Algorithms Research Group focuses on the research and development of technologies and algorithms that enhance the performance, scalability, and energy efficiency of applications running on the Department of Energy's multicore-, manycore-, and accelerator-based supercomputers. Group Leader: Lenny Oliker Read More »