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Computational Science Department

The mission of the Computational Science Department is to perform innovative research that enhances high performance computational science application codes used in scientific discovery across a broad range of scientific disciplines. Members of the Department collaborate broadly across Berkeley Lab, the DOE National Laboratory community, and with academic, government and industrial institutions internationally to enable breakthrough scientific discoveries that make essential use of high-performance computing capabilities.

Department Head: Bert de Jong

Applied Computing for Scientific Discovery

The Applied Computing for Scientific Discovery Group is focused on enabling scientific discovery through the development of advanced software applications, tools, and libraries in key scientific research areas, as well as the development of scientific computing applications and capabilities for the integration and analysis of complex data from simulation and experiment. Members of the group have expertise in domain science areas, applied mathematics, quantum computing, machine learning, and computer science. Read More »

Applied Numerical Algorithms Group

The Applied Numerical Algorithms Group (ANAG) develops advanced numerical algorithms and software for partial differential equations integrated with the application of the software to problems of independent scientific and engineering interest. Read More »

Quantum Information Science & Technology

The Quantum Information Science and Technology group is focused on enabling scientific discovery through the development, design, fabrication, and deployment of quantum processing hardware based on superconducting electronic circuits. Read More »