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Quantum Information Science & Technology

Kasra Nowrouzi

Dr. Kasra Nowrouzi
Research Scientist/Engineer
Head of Hardware
Quantum Information Science & Technology (QuIST)
Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT), Quantum Systems Accelerator (QSA), NERSC Quantum

Kasra Nowrouzi is a Physicist Research Scientist/Engineer at the Advanced Quantum Testbed, where he serves as the Head of Hardware, overseeing the development and deployment of full-stack hardware for collaborative quantum computing experiments on superconducting platforms. His research interests include opportunities, challenges, and enabling hardware for near-term quantum and hybrid algorithms. Kasra received his B.S. in EECS and Ph.D. in Applied Physics from UC Berkeley, where his dissertation work with Prof. Roger Falcone included the development of an ultrastable high-precision computational x-ray microscope for operando phase-retrieval imaging of nanomaterials at the Advanced Light Source.