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Quantum Information Science & Technology

QuIST Projects

Advanced Quantum Testbed

The Advanced Quantum Testbed (AQT) is a collaborative research facility for the advancement of quantum computation based on superconducting circuits. We implement quantum algorithms co-designed for current noisy, intermediate-scale quantum hardware to solve computational problems relevant to the scientific computing mission of the Department of Energy (DOE). Applications areas include optimization, materials science and high-energy physics.Today, we can design and fabricate proof-of-principle quantum processors with different information encoding, circuit topology, and control architecture to explore problems of interest for DOE scientists. Read More »

Quantum Systems Accelerator

The Quantum Systems Accelerator is an effort to strengthen the nation’s quantum research ecosystem and help ensure its international leadership in quantum R&D by building a network of national labs, industry, and universities that addresses a broad spectrum of technological challenges. The center will train the workforce needed to keep the nation at the forefront of quantum information science, share its advances with the scientific community, and serve as a central clearinghouse for promising research. Read More »