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De Jong Named Electronic Structure Editor-in-Chief

June 18, 2018

Electronic Structure

CRD Senior Scientist and Computational Chemistry, Materials, and Climate Group Leader Bert de Jong was recently named a founding editor-in-chief for Electronic Structure, a new Institute of Physics scholarly journal. The publication is a new multidisciplinary journal covering all theoretical and experimental aspects of electronic structure research, including the development of new methods. It is dedicated to the entirety of electronic structure research and its community, spanning materials science, physics, chemistry and biology.

“Electronic structure is the beating heart of scientific discovery and rational design in molecular and material science, yet, until now, there has not been a journal that spans the entire electronic structure community,” said de Jong, who shares the editor-in-chief post with Risto Nieminen, a professor at Aalto University in Helsinki. Electronic Structure will span chemistry, physics, biology and materials science in both theory and experiment, representing the multidisciplinary nature of the field.

In addition, the journal's editors-in-chief pledge high-quality manuscript reviews and online publication of accepted articles within 24 hours along with strong encouragement and support for openness and transparency in science and data sharing.

Electronic Structure articles will be free to read through 2019. Any subsequent profits, the editors-in-chief point out, will go to an organization that supports scientists around the globe.

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