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Performance and Algorithms Research

Auto-tuning Graphs, Sparse Linear Algebra, and Particle-in-Cell Codes for Exascale (X-Stack)

Automatic Performance Tuning (or Auto-tuning) has emerged as an effective means of providing performance portability from one architecture to the next. Rather than hoping a compiler can deliver optimal performance on ever more novel multicore architectures, or worse manually hand tune, auto-tuned kernels and applications can tune themselves on the target CPU, network, and programming model.

Building on our previous advances in this field, this project aims to address auto-tuning’s two principal limitations: an interface ill-suited to the forthcoming ubiquitous hybrid SPMD programming model; and its scope limited to fixed-function numerical routines.  We believe an abstraction-layer is essential in hiding the complexities of hybrid communication (possibly cache-coherent shared memory + MPI), hierarchical parallelism (processes + threads + tasks), and heterogeneous architectures (multicore + manycore + accelerators) from application scientists and domain experts. Additionally, we believe that auto-tuning can be applied to many emerging numerical and non-numerical fields as of yet untouched.  To that end, as part of this X-Stack project, we are developing auto-tuned components for concurrent operations and discrete data structures.  In addition to enhancing performance on existing numerical routines, we believe these components provide a stepping stone towards performance on a number of emerging fields including graph analytics.



  • Libraries and runtimes for Data Locality and Data Synchronization
  • Combinatorial BLAS (CombBLAS)
  • Knowledge Discovery Toolkit (KDT)

Exascale Research Conference Materials

  • Handout
  • Quad Chart
  • Highlights
  • Poster



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