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Applied Computing for Scientific Discovery

Doru Thom Popovici

Doru Thom Popovici Ph. D.
Research Scientist

Journal Articles

Franz Franchetti, Tze Meng Low, Doru Thom Popovici, Richard Michael Veras, Daniele G. Spampinato, Jeremy R. Johnson, Markus Puschel, James C. Hoe Jose M. F. Moura, "SPIRAL: Extreme Performance Portability", Proceeding of IEEE, 2018,

Conference Papers

Patricia Gonzalez-Guerrero, Kylie Huch, Nirmalendu Patra, Thom Popovici, George Michelogiannakis, "An Area Efficient Superconducting Unary CNN Accelerator", IEEE 24th International Symposium on Quality Electronic Design (ISQED), IEEE, April 2023,

Md Abdul M Faysal, Shaikh Arifuzzaman, Cy Chan, Maximilian Bremer, Doru Popovici, John Shalf, "HyPC-Map: A Hybrid Parallel Community Detection Algorithm Using Information-Theoretic Approach", HPEC, September 20, 2021,

Yu-Hang Tang, Oguz Selvitopi, Doru Thom Popovici, Aydın Buluç, "A high-throughput solver for marginalized graph kernels on GPU", IEEE International Parallel and Distributed Processing Symposium (IPDPS), IEEE, May 2020, doi: 10.1109/IPDPS47924.2020.00080

Doru Thom Popovici, Devangi N. Parikh, Daniele G. Spampinato, Tze Meng Low, "Exploiting Symmetries of Small Prime-Sized DFTs", PPAM 2019, 2019,

Elliott Binder, Tze Meng Low, Doru Thom Popovici, "Portable GPU Framework for SNP Comparisons", HiCOMB 2019, 2019,

Tze Meng Low, Daniele G. Spampinato, Anurag Kutuluru, Upasana Sridhar, Doru Thom Popovici, Franz Franchetti, Scott McMillan, "Linear Algebraic Formulation of Edge-centric K-truss Algorithms with Adjacency Matrices", HPEC, 2018,

Doru Thom Popovici, Tze Meng Low, Franz Franchetti, "Large Bandwidth-Efficient FFTs on Multicore and Multi-socket Systems", IPDPS, 2018,

Tze Meng Low, Varun Nagaraj Rao, Matthew Lee, Doru Thom Popovici, Franz Franchetti Scott McMillan, "First look: Linear algebra-based triangle counting without matrix multiplication", HPEC, 2017,

Doru Thom Popovici, Franz Franchetti, Tze Meng Low, "Mixed data layout kernels for vectorized complex arithmetic", HPEC, 2017,

Nikolaos Alachiotis, Doru Thom Popovici, Tze Meng Low, "Efficient Computation of Linkage Disequilibria as Dense Linear Algebra Operations", IPDPS HiCOMB, 2016,


Doru Thom Popovici, Martin D. Schatz, Franz Franchetti, Tze Meng Low, "A Flexible Framework for Parallel Multi-Dimensional DFTs", April 23, 2019,