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CRD Post-doc Wins IBM Research Prize

September 5, 2017

UZH Dies Academicus Preistraeger IBM 2844

Mauro Del Ben (second from right) accepts the IBM Research Prize awarded by the IBM Research Zurich Laboratory.

Mauro Del Ben, a post-doc in CRD’s Computational Chemistry, Materials and Climate Group has been awarded the IBM Research Forschungspreis for his Ph.D. thesis on “Efficient Non-Local Dynamical Electron Correlation for Condensed Matter Simulations.”

His thesis describes the development and implementation of a periodic Gaussian and Plane Wave based MP2 and RPA method for the computation of the energy and structure of condensed matter systems.

The IBM Research Zurich Laboratory created the Forschungspreis (research prize) in 2007 to support computer modeling and simulation in the areas of computational chemistry, physics, biology and materials science. The award for Ph.D. theses is given every other year, with master’s theses honored in the intervening years.