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CRD’s Costin Iancu to Present at NITRD Workshop on Software Sustainability

Costin Iancu of CRD’s Computer Languages and Systems Software (CLaSS) Group will give a short talk and present a poster at the Oct. 15-16 workshop on Computational Science & Engineering Software Sustainability and Productivity Challenges.

An inter-agency workshop sponsored by the Networking and Information Technology Research and Development (NITRD), CSESSP Challenges will identify the unique issues around software productivity and sustainability faced by the NITRD computational science and engineering communities, bringing together experts from academia, industry, government, and national laboratories.

Iancu will give a talk on “Analysis and Optimization of Complex Software Systems” he co-authored with Wim Lavrijsen of CRD and Koushik Sen of UC Berkeley. They argue that “compilers as we know them have a diminished role in a parallelism-rich world, and need to be supplemented by program dynamic analysis. This is the only feasible way that complex optimizations or reasoning about program behavior can be attained in practice.”

He will also present a poster on “Manipulating Errors in Production Scientific Computing Codes,” which was authored by Cindy Rubio-Gonzalez of UC Davis, Iancu and UC Berkeley’s Sen. The poster argues along similar lines: complex and unpredictable dynamic behavior can be captured best by dynamic program analysis approaches.