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CRD Researchers Named Data Science Fellows

July 18, 2014

Five researchers in Berkeley Lab’s Computational Research Division have been named Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) fellows.

From left to right: Deb Agarwal, Wes Bethel, Peter Nugent, James Sethian and Daniela Ushizima

As a Data Science Fellow, Daniela Ushizima will receive funding to explore Data, Information, Science and Computing (DISC) issues, specifically those that involve connecting diverse domain sciences to analytics tools. As Data Science Senior Fellows, Deb Agarwal, Wes Bethel, Peter Nugent and James Sethian will contribute their extensive expertise in data science approaches—honed over decades of research and collaboration—to advise about BIDS initiatives.

Founded in fall 2013, BIDS is part of a five-year collaborative effort between UC Berkeley, the University of Washington and New York University to dramatically accelerate the growth of data intensive discovery in a broad range of fields. The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation and Alfred P. Sloan Foundation support this work with a $37.7 million award. 

Complete list of fellows:

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