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ACM Transactions Issue Dedicated to DOE’s ACTS Collection of HPC Tools

September 5, 2005

The Association of Computing Machinery dedicated the September 2005 issue of Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM TOMS) to the ACTS Collection. The DOE Advanced CompuTational Software (ACTS) Collection ( comprises a set of tools mainly developed at the DOE laboratories. These software tools aim to simplify the solution of common and important computational problems and have substantially benefited a wide range of scientific and industrial applications.

The ACTS Collection is maintained by Osni Marques and Tony Drummond of CRD’s Scientific Computing Group. They also served as guest editors-in-chief for the special issue, as well as authors of two articles in the journal. Sherry Li of the Scientific Computing Group also contributed “An Overview of SuperLU: Algorithms, Implementation, and User Interface.”