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Performance and Algorithms Research

SC23 Tutorial

The Roofline performance model offers an insightful and intuitive method for extracting the key execution characteristics of HPC applications and comparing them against the performance ­bounds of modern CPUs and GPUs. Its ability to abstract the complexity of memory hierarchies and identify the most profitable optimization techniques have made Roofline­-based analysis increasingly popular in the HPC community. The tutorial will introduce the fundamental aspects behind different Roofline modeling principles as well as providing several practical use­ case scenarios that highlight their efficacy for application optimization on CPUs and GPUs. This tutorial presents a unique combination of instruction to Roofline, hands-on instruction in using Roofline within Intel, NVIDIA, and AMD production performance tools and discussions of real-world Roofline use cases at ALCF, NERSC and OLCF computing centers. The tutorial presenters have a long history of collaborating on the Roofline model and have presented several Roofline-­based tutorials.


Sunday, November 12th, 8:30am-5pm CST

Start Title Duration
8:30am Welcome and Administration 5 minutes
8:35am Introduction to the Roofline Model 55 minutes
9:30am Software Setup for Hands-on Components 30 minutes
10:00am Session I Q&A and Break 30 minutes
10:30am NVIDIA NSight Compute Roofline Hands-On 60 minutes
11:30am NERSC Application Use Cases 30 minutes
12:00pm Session II Q&A and Lunch 90 minutes
1:30pm Intel Advisor Roofline Hands-On 60 minutes
2:30pm ALCF Application Use Cases 30 minutes
3:00pm Session III Q&A and Break 30 minutes
3:30pm AMD Omniperf Roofline Tool Hands-on 60 minutes
4:30pm OLCF Application Use Cases 30 minutes
5:00pm Session IV Q&A 5 minutes 


We have created a slack space for tutorial discussions.  Join here

Slides and Materials

The slides for this tutorial are available on our google drive.

Intel Advisor Setup

Please see instructions here

NVIDIA Nsight Setup

Please register or log in to (code provided live in tutorial session)

AMD Roofline Setup

Please see documentation here