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Performance and Algorithms Research


We have created, collaborated, and leveraged, on a number of tools to affect Roofline modeling.  Broadly speaking, these tools implement a subset of machine characterization, application instrumentation, cache simulation, and bottleneck identification. Moreover, these tools can trade performance overhead for accuracy allowing users to commence with rough high-level characterization and proceed to detailed analysis on key kernels.

  • Empirical Roofline Tool (ERT) The Empirical Roofline Tool (ERT) empirically determines the machine characteristics (CPU or GPU-accelerated) that are needed to generate the machine characteristics for the roofline model. These characteristics are the bandwidth of each level in the memory hierarchy and the maximum gflop rate. This tool is needed for several reasons: It is time-consuming and very difficult, if not impossible, to estimate the machine characteristics needed for roofline analysis. Even if the machine…
  • Roofline Visualizer The Roofline Visualizer can be used to view the results generated locally by the Empirical Roofline Tool or a remote Roofline…
  • Intel Advisor
  • NVIDIA NVProf / NSight
  • SDE/VTune