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Sustainable Software Engineering

Keith Beattie

Keith Beattie
Keith Beattie
Group Lead
Sustainable Software Engineering
Scientific Data Division
Phone: +1 510 486 6297

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Keith Beattie is a Computer Systems Engineer at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory with deep experience in bringing adaptive, modern, scalable and open source software engineering and development practices to academic and research contexts.  His interests and experience are in the unique challenges in how best to structure and lead multi-institutional, geographically dispersed scientific teams composed members from a broad set scientific and software engineering backgrounds together to create effective and usable software solutions.

He has worked in industry as a software engineer and release manager and for the last 20 years at LBNL on various research projects project across multiple scientific disciplines.  Current major activities are: lead developer of the SPOT Suite for ALS Data analysis pipeline, developer, release manager and task/subtask lead for both the CCSI2 Toolkit and IDAES PSE Framework.  Past activities include: Core member of the DAQ development team for the IceCube neutrino detector installed at the South Pole and co-lead developer on the NetLogger distributed systems monitoring pipeline.

Keith holds a MS in Computer Science and a BA in Mathematics from San Francisco State University.

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