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Machine Learning and Analytics

Selected Projects

Efficient Parallel Extraction of Crack-free Isosurfaces from Adaptive Mesh Refinement Data

Efficient parallel extraction of crack-free isosurfaces from AMR data in a distributed memory setting. Read More »

MetroMaps: Map-based Representations for Analyzing Optimization Solution Spaces

Using the Morse complex to understand energy functions in chemical systems. Read More »

CO2 Sequestion and Storage: From Raw Micro-CT to Quality Measurements

Working closely with earth sciences researchers, we have developed a collection of algorithms and software tools that helps scientists to conduct quantitative analysis of 3D imaging data in order to better understand how to store carbon dioxide in geologic reservoirs. Read More »

Topological Cacti: Combining Structural and Quantitative Information

Visualizing topological and quantitative information about isosurfaces. Read More »