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Software Design for Experimental Science
ALS workflow software

Workflow for cross-compute platforms in use at the Advanced Light Source


The Software Design for Experimental Science Group's mission is to invent, design, and implement software that delivers state-of-the-art algorithms to advance the analysis of experimental data coming from DOE facilities.

The work of the group is a mix of core research, software engineering, and the development of workflow tools. The group will ensure that algorithms developed with the Mathematics for Experimental Data Analysis Group are robust, portable, supported across a variety of computing platforms, and delivered in partnership with other DOE facilities, particularly with respect to synchrotron light sources and related facilities.

The group develops a range of computing solutions, including seamlessly weaving together edge computing, local clusters, and remote supercomputing HPC resources. The group works in close collaborations across Berkeley Lab, with on-going joint projects across multiple groups within computing sciences, including the Mathematics Group and the Group for Mathematics for Experimental Data Analysis. It also works closely with the Advanced Light Source, Molecular Foundry, National Energy Research Scientific Computing Center (NERSC), Molecular Biophysics and Integrated Bioimaging (MBIB), and, in particular, the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications (CAMERA).

Group Lead: Hari Krishnan (Acting)