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Math for Experimental Data Analysis

Eric Chagnon

Eric Chagnon
Computer Systems Engineer

Eric Chagnon majored in Science, Computational Modeling and Data Analytics, with minors in Computer Science, Statistics, and Mathematics at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University. Recently he obtained his M.Sc. in Statistics at University of California, Davis. His interests include deep learning schemes such as transformers applied to topic modeling. 

Selected publications:

Ushizima and Chagnon, "From Gutenberg to BERT: How transformers can change information extraction from text", CMStatistics, King's College, London Dec 2022.

Chagnon, Mangal, Ushizima, "Can Text Synthesis Catalyze Collaborations at ALS in Multidisciplinary Research?", LBNL ALS User Meeting, Berkeley, CA, USA, Aug 2022.