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Downloads: ASIM: An Agent-based Integrated Model for Complex Networks

The tarball available below is the code for ASIM V0.3, which  is a complete rewrite of the original ASIM agent-based model first presented in P. Holme, J. Karlin, and S. Forrest. "An integrated model of traffic, geography and economy in the Internet", SIGCOMM Comput. Commun. Rev. 38, 3, July 2008, pp 5-16.

The rewrite is a parallel implementation in UPC, and implements a new version of ASIM that is considerably different from the original. A description of the differences is given in:

S. Hofmeyr, T. Moore, S. Forrest, B. Edwards and G. Stelle. "Modeling Internet-Scale Policies for Cleaning up Malware", to appear in the Proceedings of the 10th Workshop on the Economics of Information Security (WEIS), June 14-15, 2011, Fairfax, VA

The program requires the Berkeley UPC compiler.

To run, execute:

upcrun -n<N> -shared-heap=8GB ./asim

where N is the number of processors available. To see configuration options, pass a

-h to ./asim

Licensing information is given in the file LICENSE.TXT in the tarball.