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Scalable Solvers Group


  • BLZPACK  – Implementation of a block Lanczos algorithm for the solution of the standard eigenvalue problem Ax=µx or the generalized eigenvalue problem Ax=µBx
  • BSEPACK  – A parallel package for solving definite Bethe–Salpeter Eigenvalue problems
  • ButterflyPACK – A parallel library for rapidly solving large-scale dense linear systems that exhibit off-diagonal rank-deficiency
  • FABLE – Fast Approximate BLock Encodings for synthesizing quantum circuits of approximate block-encodings of matrices
  • F3C – Fast Free Fermion Compiler for time-evolution quantum circuits of spin Hamiltonians that can be mapped to free fermions
  • FunFacta Python package that aims to automate the design of matrix and tensor factorization algorithms. It enables flexible and concise expressions of tensor algebra through a hybrid NumPy/Einstein notation-based syntax. It’s areas of applications include quantum circuit synthesis, tensor decomposition, and neural network compression. FunFact is GPU-ready and easily parallizable thanks to the modern linear algebra backends such as JAX/TensorFlow and PyTorch that it builds on top of.
  • GPTune – An autotuning software tool based on Bayesian optimization with Gaussian Process regression that relies on multitask and transfer learnings to help solve the underlying black-box optimization problem
  • GraphDot - GraphDot is a GPU-accelerated Python library that carries out graph dot product operations to compute graph similarity. Currently, the library implements the Marginalized Graph Kernel algorithm, which uses a random walk process to compare subtree patterns and thus defining a generalized graph convolution process. The library can operate on undirected graphs, either weighted or unweighted, that contain arbitrary nodal and edge labels and attributes. It implements state-of-the-art GPU acceleration algorithms and supports versatile customization through just-in-time code generation and compilation.
  • High-precision arithmetic – Software libraries to support floating-point precisions higher than 64 bit: double-double, quad-double, arbitrary precision
  • LibPFASST - A lightweight implementation of the PFASST parallel in time method for ODES and PDEs
  • PDSLin – Parallel domain-decomposition Schur-complement linear solver
  • stetester – Software and collection of matrices for testing bidiagonal singular value decomposition (SVD) routines and tridiagonal eigensolvers.
  • STRUMPACK – STRUcture Matrices PACKage for computations with sparse and dense structured matrices
  • symPACK – symmetric PACKage, sparse direct linear solver for symmetric matrices
  • SuperLU – Sparse direct linear solver for general unsymmetric matrices
  • QCLAB – Object-oriented software library for creating and representing quantum circuits