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Integrated Data Systems

Valerie Hendrix

Valerie Hendrix
Computer Systems Engineer
Phone: +1 510 495 2905

Val Hendrix is a Computer Systems Engineer with a Master's in Computer Science and 15+ years industry development experience. She came to the LBNL in 2010 and has worked on a range of projects with a focus towards solving complex and large-scale scientific computing problems. She has developed tools for satellite image processing on NERSC,  cloud data management infrastructure for scientific applications and deploying and configuring (High Energy Physics) data analysis cluster in the cloud.  Val's current work focuses on systems for preserving, expanding access to, and improving usability of critical data generated through DOE-sponsored research of terrestrial and subsurface ecosystems (ESS-DIVE, NGEE Tropics, Watershed Function SFA). 

Additionally, Val is accomplished in enterprise-level server-side programming and client-side scripting skills with a strong background in database concepts. Val has extensive experience with establishing sound software engineering and DevOps practices including managing development, deployment of releases and the test life cycle.

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Conference Papers

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Book Chapters

L Ramakrishnan, D Ghoshal, V Hendrix, E Feller, P Mantha, C Morin, "Storage and Data Life Cycle Management in Cloud Environments with FRIEDA.", Cloud Computing for Data-Intensive Applications, (Springer: 2014) Pages: 357--378


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