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Computer Languages & Systems Software

Katherine Rasmussen

Kate Rasmussen
Katherine (Kate) Rasmussen
Computer Systems Engineer 2
Computer Languages and Systems Software
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Rd.
Berkeley, CA 94712 US

Katherine Rasmussen is a Computer Systems Engineer in CLaSS and also works with NERSC's Applications Performance Group.

Biographical Sketch:

Katherine has a M.A. in Linguistics and is a software developer with experience in grammars and compilers. She has leveraged past experience in Mobile Assisted Language Learning to transition into working in compiler development and various programming languages. Katherine has experience with parsing and disambiguating old computer languages, as well as working with processing and building abstract syntax trees (ASTs) for compiler frontends. She has contributed code related to the Fortran language to open-source compiler projects, including to the LLVM Fortran compiler project Flang. She is also a regular contributor to the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory’s open-source compiler-based infrastructure for building source-to-source transformations and analysis tools, ROSE.

Current Projects:

  • LLVM Flang Fortran compiler testing