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CRD’s Bert de Jong Named to Editorial Board of Computer Physics Communications Journal

March 10, 2016


Bert de Jong

Bert de Jong, leader of CRD’s Computational Chemistry, Materials & Climate Group, has been named as Specialist Editor for the journal Computer Physics Communications, an international journal and program library for computational physics and physical chemistry. Computer Physics Communications publishes research papers and computer program descriptions in computational physics and physical chemistry: the focus is on computational methods and techniques rather than results.

The journal's Editorial Board consists of leaders in computational physics. De Jong notes that he is "excited to be involved with such a quality journal” that has an impact factor of over 3. The journal also distinguishes itself by publishing software and maintaining an online software library.

De Jong has a background in general chemistry, chemical engineering and high performance computational chemistry, with specialization and strong capabilities in modeling the bottom of the periodic system. He is a main developer of the NWChem software, one of four developers of the unique fully relativistic software MOLFDIR for quantum chemistry, and contributed to multiple other software suites in computational chemistry.