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CRD Researchers Edit Book on High Performance Visualization

September 18, 2012



Wes Bethel and Hank Childs of CRD, along with Charles Hansen of the University of Utah, have edited the book High Performance Visualization: Enabling Extreme-Scale Scientific Insight, which is now available for order from CRC Press. The publication date is October 19. The book focuses on algorithm design, implementation, and optimization for visualization and analysis tools on emerging multi- and many-core platforms. It collects some of the most seminal work in the field, including algorithms and implementations running at the highest levels of concurrency and used by scientific researchers worldwide.

Other CRD staff who contributed to the book include Oliver Rübel, Prabhat, Kesheng John Wu, David Camp, Mark Howison, Gunther Weber, and Hari Krishnan. Berkeley Lab Deputy Director Horst Simon wrote the foreword.