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CRD and Berkeley Lab Staff Speak at Albany High School's Career Day

November 14, 2012


Dan Martin and Peter Nugent of Berkeley Lab's Computational Research Division, were among a group of 40 speakers who discussed their work and career paths at Albany High School's annual Career Day on Wednesday, Nov. 14.

Peter Nugent, Computational Cosmology Center (Photo by Margie Wylie, LBNL)

Dan Martin, Applied Numerical Algorithms Group (Photo by Margie Wylie, LBNL)

The speakers from Berkeley Lab include:

  • Dan Martin of CRD's Applied Numerical Algorithms Group who talked about his work on BISICLES, a project to model the shrinking ice sheets of Antarctica and Greenland.
  • Peter Nugent of CRD's Computational Cosmology Center, who talked about the search for supernovae and how they can be used to learn more about the universe.
  • Jay Krous of IT Division who talked about cyber security at Berkeley Lab.
  • David Britt of the Molecular Foundry who talked about working in a world of objects a hundred times smaller than the width of a human hair to learn about the properties of materials, including gold nanoparticles.
  • Rich Brown and Duo Wang of EETD talked about how buildings can be made more energy efficient and why this is important from both an environmental perspective and at the individual level.
  • Susan Addy of EETD described how a small team of people working together can make a huge difference in the lives of people anywhere, problems of health, hunger, clean water and energy for the planet's poor in a sustainable way.

Berkeley Lab staff Jon Bashor and Jonathan Slack served on the volunteer committee to recruit speakers for Career Day. For more on Berkeley Lab's participation in Albany High School's career day, please visit: