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Postdoc Coordination Program

About Us

The Computing Sciences is organizing a revitalized Postdoc Coordination Program. We organize technical and advisory seminars, poster sessions, and social events. The goal of this program is to promote broader collaboration among postdocs and transfer knowledge and skills from senior scientists and management of the lab. The program has three components:

  • Skills development for current postdocs (both soft and technical skills).  
  • Broader knowledge development so that each postdoc grows as an independent researcher.
  • Networking with peers and other scientists in the lab.

The coordinator of the program asks postdocs to actively participate in this program and present their research in front of their peers from diverse backgrounds. We will also invite senior scientists and top management in the lab to present their views on building successful careers. Here are a few topics for discussion in the seminars:

  • Proposals and funding: how does it work? Can Postdocs participate in writing proposals?
  • How to effectively manage time on multiple projects?
  • Software distribution and licensing: how does this work at LBNL?
  • Hands on learning of essential tools, such as LaTeX, Excel. Postdocs are encouraged to suggest topics for future seminars.

Finally, we like to draw your attention to the Berkeley Lab Postdoc Association (BLPA), which aims at supporting postdocs from all divisions and with which we are in close contact.


Postdocs of CRD page now live

Check out the new "Postdocs of CRD" page which has pictures and links for all of the CRD postdocs.

Spot Award for Bert

We are pleased to announce that Bert received the Spot Award for his continuing efforts in organizing the CS Postdoc Coordination Program.

Bert has been organizing the CS Postdoc Coordination Program since October 2014. This program consists of biweekly events and consists of seminar talks given by CS and NESAP postdocs, talks by group leads, talks on broader science engagement, as well as talks on skill development topics. Bert put a significant amount of time and effort into organizing the career development offsite event which took place in December 2015.

201608 Bert Spot Award



Please send your suggestions and comments to the members of the coordinating team:

  • Bert de Jong (Group Leader, Computational Chemistry, Materials & Climate Group)
  • Brandon Krull (Postdoc, Center for Computational Sciences and Engineering)
  • Meiyue Shao (Postdoc, Scalable Solvers Group)
  • Houjun Tang (Postdoc, Scientific Data Management Group)
  • Matthew Zahr (Postdoc, Mathematics Group)

Calender of upcoming seminars and events