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Computational Cosmology Center

Chelsea Harris

Chelsea Harris
Graduate Student
Phone: +1 510 495 5790

Chelsea Harris is a graduate student at the University of California Berkeley since 2012. Her undergraduate studies were at the University of California Santa Barbara in the College of Creative Studies Physics department, in 2012 receiving a Bachelor of Science in Physics with Highest Academic Honors and Distinction in the Major. She wrote her undergraduate Senior Thesis with Professor Tommaso Treu in the field of galaxy evolution, "Measuring Stellar Velocity Dispersion in Active Galaxies," published in the Astrophysical Journal (Harris et al., 2012). In 2011 she participated in the Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory summer REU, interning with Dr. Stella Offner for a theoretical star formation project focused on creating synthetic radio line profiles for simulated molecular cloud cores.

Her interests are large-scale cosmology, supernovae, binary evolution, binary formation and accretion disk instabilities.