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Aaron Szasz

aaron szasz
Aaron Szasz
Postdoctoral Fellow

My research focus is classical and quantum simulation of strongly correlated quantum systems, especially frustrated spin systems and spin liquids. 

At LBL, I am part of the FAR-QC project (Fundamental Algorithmic Research for Quantum Computing), for which I am investigating quantum algorithms for studying many-body quantum problems.  Some current projects: (1) finding the ground state and magnetization curve of a small kagome lattice spin system with real-time Krylov; (2) quantum compilation of isometries and applications to quantum channels; and (3) compression of classical functions as quantum states, using classical tensor networks and quantum circuits, with applications to solving differential equations.

I am also continuing my past work using the quantum-inspired approach of tensor networks.  I am an expert on the application of DMRG, a powerful algorithm for finding quantum ground states, to 2D systems, including Hubbard models and frustrated higher-spin models.  Please see especially my work on the triangular lattice Hubbard model, published in PRX.

Prior to joining LBL, I was a Postdoctoral Fellow at the Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics.  Before that, I received my PhD in Physics from UC Berkeley in 2019.

In addition to my research, I enjoy teaching physics.  Recordings are available online of my courses on numerical methods for condensed matter (advanced undergraduate level) and condensed matter (early graduate level).


PhD, Physics, UC Berkeley, 2019

AB, Physics and Mathematics, Harvard, 2012 (Summa Cum Laude)


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arXiv: 2206.04087

Aaron Szasz and Johannes Motruk,
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arXiv: 1808.00463

Aaron Szasz,
"A measure of quantum correlations that lies between entanglement and discord,"
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arXiv: 1810.12949

Aaron Szasz, Roni Ilan, and Joel E. Moore,
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arXiv: 1611.00782