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Teng Wang

Teng Wang
Previous member
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Conference Papers

Glenn Lockwood, Shane Snyder, Teng Wang, Suren Byna, Phil Carns, and Nicholas Wright, "A Year in the Life of a Parallel File System", International Conference for High Performance Computing, Networking, and Storage (SC'18), IEEE / ACM, November 15, 2018,

Teng Wang, Suren Byna, Glenn Lockwood, Nicholas Wright, Phil Carns, and Shane Snyder,, "IOMiner: Large-scale Analytics Framework for Gaining Knowledge from I/O Logs", IEEE Cluster 2018, September 10, 2018,

Teng Wang, Suren Byna, Bin Dong, and Houjun Tang, "UniviStor: Integrated Hierarchical and Distributed Storage for HPC", IEEE Cluster 2018., September 1, 2018,