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Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery Systems Research and Development

The Berkeley Lab Data Science and Technology Department is an active participant in a number of projects in the arena of cybersecurity for energy delivery systems.  Recently, this work has been funded largely via DOE OE's Cybersecurity for Energy Delivery systems program. These projects include collaborations with academic, vendor, and utility partners.  LBNL's work in this space emphasizes both its historical role in developing, deploying and testing the Bro Network Security Monitor, as well as novel research ideas that leverage physics — physical limitations, physical sensor output, and insight into commands sent to control systems — to help monitor and protect networked energy system devices under control.

Some recent news:

Detecting Cybersecurity Threats by Taking the Grid's Pulse — Jul. 12, 2016

Livermore, Berkeley National Labs Leading Project to Increase Power Grid Cybersecurity — Jul. 11, 2016

CRD's Sean Peisert Guest Edits Special Issue of IEEE's Security and Privacy Magazine — Jan. 20, 2015

A partial listing of current and recent R&D projects relating to cybersecurity for energy delivery systems, including lists of partners, publications, and software developed is as follows:

  1. Cybersecurity for the Power Distribution Grid.This project is using micro-PMU measurements and SCADA commands to develop a system to detect cyberattacks against the power distribution grid. It is funded by DOE OE's CEDS program and is led by Sean Peisert. See µPMU Cyber Security project website.
  2. An Automated, Disruption Tolerant Key Management System for the Power Grid. This project is designing and developing a key management system to meet the unique requirements of electrical distribution systems (EDSs). It is funded by DOE OE's CEDS program, is a partnership with PNNL, and is led at LBNL by Sean Peisert. See Power Grid Key Management project website.
  3. Threat Detection and Response with Data Analytics.   This project is developing technologies and methodologies to protect the grid from advanced cyber and all-hazard threats through the collection of disparate data and the employment of advanced analytics for threat detection and response.  The project is funded by DOE OE's CEDS program as part of the DOE Grid Modernization Initiative.  The project is led by LLNL, co-led by Sean Peisert at LBNL, and also includes partnerships with INL, ORNL, PNNL, and SNL.  Utility partners include the Electric Power Board (EPB), National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)  See Threat Detection and Response with Data Analytics project website.
  4. Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems. This project was funded by DOE OE's CEDS program and was co-led by Chuck McParland and Sean Peisert. Specifically, we designed and developed a security monitoring and analysis framework for control systems. The goal was to integrate the monitoring and analysis of network traffic and serial communication with an understanding of physical device constraints within a single intrusion detection system (IDS) to enhance resilience of cyber physical systems. See CPS security project website.