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HPC and Scientific Networking Security

The Data Science and Technology Department is an active participant in a number of projects in the arena of security for scientific, high-performance computing systems and high-bandiwdth research and education networks.  Research sponsors have typically included DOE's ASCR program and NSF's SaTC program, among others.  LBNL has had a leadership role in security in scientific computing environments for many years, including the development of the Bro Network Security Monitor, the 100G… Read More »

Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems

 This project is called, "Application of Cyber Security Techniques in the Protection of Efficient Cyber-Physical Energy Generation Systems." In this project, we designed and developed a security monitoring and analysis framework for control systems and smart grid technologies. This system is designed to enhance resiliency of the system by integrating traditional computer security and safety engineering techniques. The goal is to integrate the monitoring and analysis of IP network traffic, as… Read More »

An Automated, Disruption Tolerant Key Management System for the Power Grid

Current key management architectures are not designed for machine-to-machine communication, are designed around an "always online" mentality, and are often burdensome to manage (key distribution, revocation lists, governance, etc.). This project is designing and developing a key management system to meet the unique requirements of electrical distribution systems (EDSs). Namely it is disruption tolerant, scales well, is centrally managed, has policy enforcement and auditing, automates key… Read More »

Inferring Computing Activity Using Physical Sensors

  Principal Investigator: Sean Peisert (PI) Scientists/Postdocs Dipankar DwivediReinhard GentzMelissa Stockmah Graduate Student Researcher Bogdan Copos (LBNL/UC Davis; Ph.D. 2017) → SRI International This project involves using power data for monitoring use of computing systems, including supercomputers and large computing centers. By using power data, as opposed to data provided by the computing environment itself, the technology collects the data non-invasively.  More information is… Read More »

Detecting Distributed Denial of Service Attacks on Wide-Area Networks

  Principal Investigator: Sean Peisert (PI) Faculty Scientists Chen-Nee Chuah (UC Davis)Dipak Ghosal (UC Davis) Graduate Students Ross Gegan (UC Davis)Chang Liu (UC Davis) A large scale distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack has the potential to not only impact the target site, but impact performance along the entire network path. Today, DDoS mitigation across DOE Sites is largely handled at the site borders using a combination of heuristic and filtering techniques, manual changes, and… Read More »