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Combustion Co-Design

Combusion Codesign

Researchers of the Performance and Algorithms Research group are heavily involved with Researchers from the Computer Architecture Group and the Center for Computational Science and Engineering on Co-Designing algorithms, implementation, and architecture to maximize performance and energy efficiency in the context of combustion simulations. » Read More

TOP 500


The TOP500 project was started in 1993 to provide a reliable basis for tracking and detecting trends in high-performance computing. Twice a year, a list of the sites operating the 500 most powerful computer systems is assembled and released. » Read More

EDGAR: Energy Efficient Data and Graph Alogrithms


The EDGAR project explores methods to increase the energy efficiency of parallel graph algorithms and data mining tasks. A new family of algorithms will be developed to drastically reduce the energy footprint and running time of the graph and sparse matrix computations that form the basis of various data mining techniques. » Read More

The Performance and Algorithms Research Group focuses on the research and development of technologies and algorithms that enhance the performance, scalability, and energy efficiency of applications running on the Department of Energy's multicore-, manycore-, and accelerator-based supercomputers.  Moreover, we develop performance models to understand the inherent bottlenecks in today's systems as well as predict the performance and bottlenecks of tomorrow's exascale systems.  To that end, we have formed strong research collaborations with computer science, computer architecture, applied math, and application research teams.

Group Leader: Erich Strohmaier