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Jarrod McClean

Jarrod McClean
Alvarez Fellow

Short Bio

Jarrod McClean recieved his PhD in Chemical Physics from Harvard University where he studied as a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow.  His thesis research involved the interface between quantum computation, quantum chemistry, and numerical algorithms.  He is currently a Luis W. Alvarez fellow in Computing Sciences at Lawrence Berkeley National Labortory exploring quantum computation, beyond low-rank and sparse tensor approximations, and quantum chemistry.  More information on his research interests and background can be found at his website.

Journal Articles

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Dmitry Yu Zubarev, Neil Robertson, Dominik Domin, Jarrod McClean, Jinhua Wang, William A Lester Jr, Russell Whitesides, Xiaoqing You, Michael Frenklach, "Local Electronic Structure and Stability of Pentacene Oxyradicals", The Journal of Physical Chemistry C, 2009, 114:5429--5437,

Conference Papers

Jarrod McClean, Christopher Stull, Charles Farrar, David Mascarenas, "A preliminary cyber-physical security assessment of the Robot Operating System (ROS)", SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing, 2013, 874110--87,